Friday, November 25, 2011

After Thanksgiving "Overwhelmed Syndrome"

Thanksgiving is over...I had two days of family,fun, and food :) but when I came home I looked at my house in all of its caotic glory. Thats when the feeling came rushing, from my head to the pit of my stomach. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. That feeling of dread/hopelessness with how much cleaning and laundry you're about to get started on after a few hectic days of rushing, entertaining and cooking. I call this Overwhelmed syndrome...Then I started thinking of a few things to do tonight to get myself ready for the task ahead. With just one day to get these things done before church Sunday I want to stay ahead of myself (and the three munchkins!) So here are a few of my tried and true time savers, tips and tricks to help you when your household hits you with "Overwhelmed Syndrome"

~The Night before...

*Put at least 3 sippy cups per little one in the fridge ready for the kiddos to grab when they get thirsty.

*Put a few snacks in bowls with lids in the fridge for them to grab too. (cut up grapes or strawberries work well)

*Plan an easy meal day! Cereal or oatmeal for breakfast, leftovers for lunch and Crockpot soup with crackers for supper. (take your leftover turkey add some chicken stock or make a stock from your turkey bones add peas,carrots,onions and celery then 20 min before serving add egg noodles.)

*Load the dishwasher.

~Catch up day

*Drink a cup of coffee and pray for God to give you grace first thing in the morning! :)

*Make a list (realistic) of what you want to get done and stick to it!

*Start a load of laundry.

*Unload the dishwasher so you can load it as the day goes by.

*Take 15 min to pick-up each room in your house.

*Start your list :)

*When it's time to fold your laundry make yourself a glass of ice water, and watch your favorite tv show while you fold.

*Make your kiddos clean their room and lay down for a nap (if they dont nap make them do "quiet

time" with a movie or a few books on the bed.)


*Smile at what you have accomplished.

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