Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saving Money on Your Grocery Bill: Part 2

So it's been forever since my last post. Sorry! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope its been great so far. Tax refund time is here for a few of us, and I am excited. After paying off a lot of our debts the second priority for me is stocking my pantry, freezer and fridge with healthy staples to feed my family. When I know my kitchen is fully stocked I have security as a wife and mother. It also saves me money on my grocery bill when I don't have to buy it for awile. This way I don't HAVE to buy any of these items until or unless it is on sale and/or has a good coupon. This way I can easily keep these items in full supply. This is what I'll be stocking up on:

*Canned: Tomatos, Tomato Paste, Spaggetti Sauce, Green Beans, Tuna, Chicken Breast, Kidney Beans, and Pinto beans, Fruit(pineapple, peaches,pears,fruit cocktail,applesauce) and Evaporated Milk.

*Peanut Butter
*Dried Pasta (different kinds)
*Rice (brown, wild, long grain)
*Soy Sauce
*Lemon Juice
*Splenda Brown Sugar Blend

~FREEZER~ ( I have a stand up deep freezer, so adjust your sizes to your comfort)

*Beef: Ground, Tips, Roast, Steak, and Cubed.

*Pork: Bone-in Chops, Tenderloin, and Roast.

*Chicken: Bone-in/Skin on Thighs, Drumsticks, Drumettes, and Breasts (bone in/out and skin on/off)

*Frozen Veggies: For Soups, Stews, Roasts, Stir-fry, Fried Rice, Casseroles, Etc.

*Frozen Fruits: For Smoothies, Parfaits, Yogurt, and Pies or Cobblers.

*Flour Tortillas

*Bread ( Loaf, Garlic )


*Crescent Rolls


*Garlic Powder
*Minced Onion
*Chicken Buillion Cubes or Granules
*Beef Buillion Cubes or Granules
*Beef Stew Seasoning Packets
*Brown and Mushroom Gravy Mixes
*Taco Seasoning

~These are my staples, add to or take away as you please :)

My budget for this big trip is $450.00 just to give you a suggestion l

~Also out of this budget is 3 boxs
diapers, 2 boxs of wipes, Laundry
detergent, and Toilet Paper. Maybe this helps